Note: Itinerary is subject to change. Programs can be customized and extended to meet your needs and interests.

Day 1

Arrive at Sunny Rock B&B and settle in.

4:00 pm Welcome, introductions, icebreakers, review itinerary

4:30 pm Introduction to the Rocks and Minerals of the Haliburton Highlands with a local prospector and collector extraordinaire. Short van ride to see minerals exposure near Ingoldsby.

6:30 pm Dinner at Sunny Rock B&B

8:00 pm “Rock” Concert – performance by local musician(s).

Day 2

7:30 Breakfast

9:00 “Gems Beneath your Boots” – A visit to Greenmantle Farm near Wilberforce for a three hour hike to discover undisturbed deposits of fluorichterite, orthoclase, tremolite, actinolite, apatite, and quartz with hosts Sandra & Mark Bramham.

12:00 “Rock” Cuisine – a tasty lunch.

1:30 “Rock and Shop” – Visit the Starlight Gem Shop “deep in the heart of Wilberforce” to meet owner, Peter Varga, and to view and purchase rocks, mineral specimens, gemstones, and jewellery.

“3:00* “Rock” Artist – Visit the Tory Hill studio of Gary Blundell whose amazing art is inspired by rock faces and landscapes.

4:30 Return to Sunny Rock B&B

7:00 Dinner (fine dining at a local restaurant)

8:30 Rest and Relaxation (Hot Stone Massage optional)

Day 3

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 In Search of Harburn Wells – Somewhere in the hills northeast of Haliburton there lies a unique geological phenomenon called the Harburn Wells. Many have heard about it; few have been there.

12:00 Lunch at the Heritage Café

1:30 Farewells and Departure

You may extend your experience by another half or full day. Ask us about rates. Some options include:

  1. Hot Stone Massage and Relaxation
  2. A round of golf at Haliburton Highlands Golf Course. Try for a hole in one off of a 200 foot rock cliff at Hole # 8!
  3. Play with Clay Day – at the studio of “Hairy Potter”, Earth and Fire Pottery.
  4. Rail Trail Geology Tour
  5. Rock and Roll Road Cut Tour North – Minden to Dorset
  6. Rock and Roll Road Cut Tour South – Haliburton to Wilberforce to Gooderham
  7. Mineral collecting
  8. GPS Adventure to Mineral Collecting sites
  9. Bancroft Gemboree (August)
  10. Rock Climbing
  11. Curling (fall only)
  12. Lapidary workshop – cut and polish your own rock specimen
  13. Visit to the famous Rockcliffe Tavern
  14. Rock Rose – visit a local ceremonial stone henge and healing services (aromatherapy, cosmobiology, homeopathy, massage, polarity).

To make a booking:

Phone: 705-286-4922

Toll free: 1-888-786-6976

For program inquiries: Call Barrie Martin at 705-754-3436